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The thought of private flying is dreading as it sounds expensive which interestingly is not the case, especially with the existence of services that offer charter jets, like Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter. New York being a busy city has a demand for charter jets considering that people avoid long waits and crowded airports. In that case, they make arrangements with their services that offer charter jets before traveling to avoid last minute rush and disappointments. The fact that these services offer their clients options of where they get to land makes it easy for the clients to choose from a variety of companies.

Additionally, clients get offered assurance to their clients that they will get to their destinations on time and through their terminals of choice. In New York City, clients have a variety to choose from, and the most requested flights from and to the city include, private jets to Miami, charter flights to the Hamptons and Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Additionally, there are those who request for executive air charter service from New York to the Bahamas, and that is evidence that these services exist and are efficient and satisfactory to the clients. Surprisingly, taking a private jet could be more affordable than anyone could think as jet companies could as well give their clients affordable offers.

According to research by Virtuoso, the average price for a private flight dropped by 13% from the year 2014 to 2016, which could be the reason for the demand in chartering jets in New York City. In that case, it has become normal for people to charter or share jets because it has proven to be cheap and affordable. The Chartered jets could be identified by being private jets or shared jet rental services. With private jets, clients get to use them privately, and for shared jet rental services, clients can share if at all they have the same destiny and agree with the outlined rules and regulations. Some of the famous jet charter services in New York City include the Charter Flight Group, Jetsuite, Blade, and Jetsmarter. All of these companies offer reasonable prices for charter jets mostly for groups of travelers headed to a similar location. Some of the famous people that charter or share jets include Beyonce a renowned pop star, Rita Ora, Justin Beiber, Chris Brown and Tom Cruise who is an actor as well as Tiger Woods. Considering their nature of work, they are required to keep time and therefore need a reliable and valid means of transport.


The UAE Economy
Professionals in the Middle East and the UAE can expect an increase in jobs for individuals with high skills, experience and the right qualifications in specific industries. Additional advantages are IT skills and speaking Arabic. The opportunities for selected fields are expected to grow during 2018 due to the improvement in the economy. This includes the sectors of financial and banking services, finance, accounting, sales, legal and information technology.

The Qualifications
Candidates with specific qualifications will have an increased chance of securing one of these positions. This includes experts in mergers and acquisitions, enterprise resource planning, accounting, and taxation. The emphasis is being placed on nationalization program. There are also opportunities for Saudis and Emirates who understand the operations of local businesses and have worked overseas. Despite the challenges of 2017, there is cautious optimism due to the expectations of lucrative positions in 2018 for skilled professionals.

The Financial Sector
Financial and accounting professionals will find opportunities for mid-level and junior roles through numerous sectors. Qualified accountants and tax specialists with ERP knowledge are expected to be in high demand along with individuals fluent in Arabic. The firms interested in these candidates are in the manufacturing, real estate, and construction industries. There is also a potential for the retail, gas and oil sectors.

The Technology Sector
The outlook is good for candidates in the field of information technology. This is partly due to the preparations being made by Dubai for the 2020 World Expo they are hosting. A digital transformation is being encouraged for all organizations. IT is being regarded as an integral part of the world of business. IT has significant value and the demand for technology professionals is high because the region is embracing technology. In addition to the 2020 Expo there are also upcoming infrastructure and digital transformation projects.

The Legal Sector
Legal professionals will see more opportunities. This is especially true for the larger organizations. It is important to note some of the candidates with the highest qualifications may face the temptation to leave the region. This is because of the relatively stagnant salaries, the introduction of VAT and the flat economy. This will elevate the demand for the top professionals for the Magic Circle firms.

The Marketing and Sales Sector
Retail and marketing professionals have a positive outlook for 2018. The industry was bullish in 2017 but the industry is seeking an expansion of the workforce as the UAE economy improves.


From drones to thermal cameras, from specialty vehicles to the latest in robotics, old and new technologies are displayed at Warrior Expo West. On April 18 and 19, the San Diego Convention Center is once again the venue for this annual two-day exhibition of military gear and tactical demonstrations. Having hosted Warrior West and Warrior East for many years, ADS Inc. ADS Inc has fine-tuned these events to provide, ” All the Solutions, All in One Place” with over 300 exhibitors from the U.S. and partner countries. Warrior West, expected to draw over 3000 to the convention floor, attracts attendees from the US Military, first responders, law enforcement personnel and government employees at the federal, state and local level.

Hardware and software innovations developed by defense contractors frequently have applications in local law enforcement, where the dynamics of crowd control and narcotics investigations challenge agencies, notwithstanding traffic stops that are no longer routine. See and experience the emerging technologies, providing today’s personnel with the versatility and power needed to perform effectively. Discover the latest on the next generation of drone technology, including innovative solutions for powering drones while maintaining flight paths for these little workhorses that have enhanced the efficiency of the military, as well as law enforcement.

Denial of service attacks have emerged as a particular challenge for first responders, taking down mission critical websites, affecting thousands. In breakout educational sessions, participants learn firsthand how advanced communications and other technology are being used to boost cybersecurity.

A favorite of past Warrior expos are the dramatic live demonstrations where equipment and tactics come to life. As in years past, attendees can view live presentations, or participate in hands-on interaction with the newest technologies, gaining that insight needed before a purchase, evaluating the quality being claimed, determining the ease of use within the desired range.

Two days are a tight window; accordingly, ADS has carefully assembled a representative cross-section of technologies and companies without the redundancy often seen at lesser events, earning Warrior Expo the description ” The Premier Industry Event.”

Doing business for nearly 40 years, ADS, Inc, headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia lies in close proximity to Naval Station Norfolk and Langley Air Force Base, providing equipment and services to the DoD, federal, state and local agencies.


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The five star Sun Serenity Villa is a 7,800 square foot property that oozes the privacy craved by some vacationers. The impressive Villa has six striking and spacious bedrooms with six and one-half baths that comfortably sleeps, sixteen people.

This remarkable Villa can be enjoyed by the immediate and extended family and friends. The warm breezes from the ocean and the clear skies can be enjoyed while walking along the beach. Guests can enjoy a short leisurely stroll to Rum Point.

The Sun Serenity Villas’ design and decor enhance the calmness of the outdoors, soothes the guests’ psyche, and that combination makes the impact of the ambiance extraordinary. It’s a jolt to the overworked senses when they relax after a person has stepped into the magic of the Grand Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.

Some of the Sun Serenity Amenities are:

* A Balcony, Deck, Private Pool, Patio, Lanai and Gazebo for realization.
* An Outdoor Grill that can handle a large family.
* Satellite and Cable TV.
* Get pampered at the Spa.

The Outdoor Attractions at Rum Point include:

* Duty-free Shops.
* Water Parks.
* Playgrounds for the kids.
* Spectacular Botanical Gardens.
* Reefs and Caves to explore.
* Restaurants to sample the native dishes and other cuisines.
* Movie Theaters that show the popular films.
* Check the Island Calendar for the dates of the Festivals.
The Concierge can assist the guests with planning their day and point them in the right direction to one of the outdoor or indoor activities in town.


This five-star property is an impressive salute to the imaginations of architects. The property is located on the Beach Bay Bluff overlooking the waters of the Caribbean. It’s a breathtaking twenty-minute scenic ride to the new Camana Bay Shopping area, George Town, The Seven Mile Beach and the airport. The six bedrooms and four baths can accommodate twelve people comfortably.

Enjoy the privacy of the beach and the warm sand under your feet when the two-minute walk from the front door is completed. Then let the warm Caribbean waters caress your body while you’re swimming.

The kitchen has the appliances a chef or novice cook needs including a microwave and a coffee maker.
The other Amenities include:
* Wifi and Cable TV is available.
* A generous sized BBQ Grill that can handle a large gathering.
* There is a spacious deck and large pool for relaxing.
* Air Conditioning.
* A Washer and a Dryer.

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In the aftermath of the infamous World Trade Center attack, residents and business owners in lower Manhattan have continued to show the attacks did not hinder life here. This past June marked yet another milestone for the area. The widely adored World Trade Center farmers market has opened again. The Greenmarket at Oculus Plaza is next to the World Trade Center Transportation Hub. The new market is part of one of many continuing efforts by the Westfield World Trade Center and state officials. It is expected to draw a happy audience of shoppers from the area’s many daily commuters.

Part of a Long Effort

This is but the latest in a long series of steps that have helped bring lower Manhattan to life again. As Westfield Co-CEO Peter Lowy recently stated, “We initially agreed to become part of the World Trade Center site in July 2001 and have been intimately involved with the rebuilding and revitalization for the past 16 years.” During this time, Westfield officials have worked closely with multiple regional partners. They have collaborated with many important official and organizations including the Port Authority, the Manhattan Borough President and the Alliance for Downtown New York. In doing so, they have helped provide many kinds of retail and commuter spaces.

The Creation of a Hub

The new Westfield World Trade Center has connected many disparate areas together. Where there was once a jumble of varied underground transport options, today there is an inviting hub. Over a quarter of a million people rely on this hub to bring them in and out of Manhattan. A memorial to the 9-11 attacks stands outside as a reminder of the area’s suffering and its immediate past. However, officials today and those at Westfield are all about the future rather than the past.

The New Center

At the Westfield World Trade Center, shoppers can find nearly 300,000 square feet of retail shops and other amenities. More than eighty stores await all those who set foot inside. Those at Westfield have sought to bring a vibe that is both New York and yet with international flair at the same time. Shoppers can sample delicious foods from around the world, try on the latest in fashion and discover exciting entertainment possibilities.

Business Real Estate

The city of New York is one of the oldest cities in the world. Expectedly, most of the buildings, especially in the neighborhoods, have fallen into disrepair over the years. Buildings which once stood tall and proud now portray a dark image of dilapidation and danger. However, a flurry of urban real estate development projects in most New York neighborhoods is changing the landscape of the city. Now, areas which had become rundown and turned into breeding grounds for drug gangs and other social vices are being transformed into habitable neighborhoods. Old buildings have been replaced by modern apartment homes with plenty of green space, parking lots and walking pavements.

Such Joe Sitt’s developments have improved the quality of life in many New York neighborhoods where life had been an unending struggle. As new real estate developments come up in neighborhoods, they are inevitably complimented by important social amenities such as schools and hospitals which are beneficial for the residents of these neighborhoods. Crime rates have also dropped significantly in neighborhoods where such developments have been made as has the rate of drug and substance abuse and other social vices. It is now safer to raise children in these neighborhoods without the fear that they could fall into bad company and pick up bad habits which could ruin their lives in the future.

As the quality of life has been improved in many New York neighborhoods, more people have been attracted to visit or even settle there than in the past. With improved security, public transport systems and increased options for social interaction, people who were hitherto repelled by the dire state which these neighborhoods had been in are now more willing to spend their time there. There are better restaurants, night clubs and even high-end boutiques where one can visit and have a good time as opposed to the past. Indeed, many celebrities have been attracted to different New York neighborhoods in recent years. Some have come seeking to have a good time; others looking to settle and others consider making investments therein. Some the most notable ones include George Clooney, Gisele Bundchen, and Tom Brady.

Expectedly, there are some passionate and committed real estate development companies which have been behind the recent developments in New York neighborhoods. These are the companies which recognized the need for a change in the real estate landscape of the city and took it upon themselves to lead the charge. Some of them include Sorgente Group of America, Foster + Partners, Drake Design Associates, Companies like L&M Development Partners among others.


Job hunting is not anyone’s cup of tea. It requires people to be constantly on their feet from one interview to another. The situation gets even worse if the job seeker is looking for an executive position. They move from one company to another and keep getting the same old response “we’ll call you” after each, yet they never get to hear from the interviewers again. Their once hopeful mindset gets burned to the ground. Fortunately, with the increasing growth of recruiters in DC, that is now a thing of the past. The most important thing to do is get your papers right and contact one, and in a few months, hopefully, you get hooked with that dream job. However, with the rising numbers of these recruiters, it may get tricky for a job seeker to know the genuine one. Most especially some of them are cons who only want to take advantage of the fact that the person looking for a job is desperate and willing to do anything to get one. To keep on the safe side, and make it easy for job hunters, here are a few executive recruiters in DC.

Types of executive recruiters

There are many types of executive recruiters in DC but are mainly categorized as two. They are classified according to their relationship with the company and also the charges. Below is an in-depth view.
Retained recruiters

These are on the top of the game and are mostly responsible for placing job seekers in senior positions such as those of CEO in a company. They are on a contract with the company to hire staff for a particular open position and paid an upfront fee to ensure that their dedication to finding the right candidate. The remaining amount of money is irrespective of whether they were able to find one. People who were hired through these kinds of executives include IBM chairman and many other famous people.

This type of recruiter does the same job as a retained one. The only difference is that they get their pay after finding the perfect person for the job. They are responsible for finding, screening and arranging interviews for the prospects. Most companies seek the services contingencies when they need to hire in large numbers, and their in-house recruiters cannot handle the task efficiently.
Some of the top executive recruiters in Washington DC

– Batallia Winston
– The Lucas Group
– JDG associates
– Y Scouts
– The McCormick Group
– Hire Strategy
Foster Thomas


For many years now, Muslims from all walks of life across the United States of America have generously donated to charitable Islamic organization with the aim of extending a hand to those that need it. In this humble and humane quest, many organizations have sprung up to collectively be able to reach on a massive scale those who need their assistance the most.

In doing so, some of these organizations have encountered a lot of challenges from the law due to allegations or at times substantial proof that the money donated through them have found their way to terrorists. As a result of this rather tainting and horrible truth, some of these organizations have had to be closed, and the cause of this has been a massive donor withdrawal due to the money finding its way into the wrong hands.
Therefore, as a reference point below is a list of five reputable and highly legitimate Islamic charities that one can use to donate to

1. Mercy-USA for Aid and Development.

This organization began way back in the year 1986. It is a non-profit charitable organization dealing mostly with relief and developmental issues. The projects they undertake focuses on things such as trying to improve the health standards of those in need, promoting education, and economic development. This organization credibility is good as it partners with other organizations such as the United Nations and many others. As a result of this, the organization has a rating of 4- stars by Charity Navigator.

2. Life for Relief and Development

Formed in 1992 as a non-governmental organization by Iraqi-American professionals, this organization provides humanitarian aid to people that are in need in many countries such as; Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories and Sierra Leone. The organizations’ level of openness on how it does its work and relays the donations made to the right people has made the group receive a rating as a 4- charity by Charity Navigator.

3. Islamic Relief.

The Islamic Relief USA organization has its presence in 35 countries spread across the world making it an international development and relief organization. It has a 3-star rating by Charity Navigator and usually works through partnering with various other international aid agencies, local relief organizations as well as churches within the areas they work. Fawad Khan is a good example of the many celebrities that donate to this group.

4. Muslim Aid

This organization focuses on providing both emergency and long-term care to people that are suffering and in dire need of assistance. Their main aim is to provide sustainable development initiatives that aim to tackle poverty at its root level.

5. ICNA Relief USA
The Islamic Circle of North America is a humanitarian aid and development charity organization that rapidly responds to disaster emergencies at home and other places in the world. The group also goes out of its way to assist the needy in poor neighborhoods around North America.

For many years these Islamic charity organizations have guaranteed the money donated reaches those that are in dire need. This list will act as a pointer to which organizations to consider before donating, but as a reminder, please conduct thorough research on the organization you settle on to be sure enough.


New York City is our nation’s largest city, with millions of people living within its borders. Many business owners like Joe Sitt have chosen this great metropolitan area for their company’s home base.

The heart of the city is one of the world’s top real estate markets, and that’s due to the high demand for urban real estate development, which is constantly expanding and gaining substantial revenue for investors. Each new structure has become part of the NYC skyline, as the architectural design is something special.

Here are what investors are looking for in NYC urban real estate development:

Supply and Demand

The top investors put their money in urban real estate development deals to support their other business ventures. However, not every project will become a success, but the keen real estate investors like Tishman Speyer hold off on the start of certain urban development projects until the demand is overwhelming.

Often, the wait allows for more real estate opportunities to develop, which has the potential to make a profit for all. Some of the more high-profiled urban real estate development projects have brought new housing to communities where tenants have suffered too long with crumbling, decaying buildings. Plus, the area can begin seeing new businesses arriving that kick start the neighborhood’s economy.

Build It and Dwellers Will Come

Having celebrities associated with an urban real estate development project can make that site an attractive property. Potential tenants love the thought of residing next to Madonna or Chris Rock and their families.

The Upper West Side in NYC has become an ideal location for urban real estate development projects. Sting and Beyonce own co-op apartments in the neighborhood as other celebrities have bought property in the surrounding Tribeca and the West Village communities.

Looks Could Kill

Deciding to invest in a New York City urban real estate development project is often determined by the location, size and shape of the property. The answers gained from research contribute to whether or not to invest in the project. Often, investors personally inspect the property before agreeing to any deal.

The current climate in the marketplace is taken into consideration as certain urban real estate development properties become more appealing because of their value. In some cases, the current owner may be in a financial bind, which forces investors like Robert Reffkin of Compass to make an immediate move and buy the property. Some are great bargains that need some sort of facelift before an investor can gain a profit.


Often times when we hear the term “innovation” we think of someone finding a slightly better way to do something we have been doing for a long time already. Construction in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is not an exception to that. The city of Dubai is famous due in part to its world-renowned for its construction of mega-projects and helping to fuel the UAE’s economy while also working with the United States.

The construction that occurs in Dubai is not innovative because it’s something others cannot build. The innovation comes from their use of 4D planning software that allows enhanced planning and collaboration between and within the construction teams. The ambitious construction projects of the United Arab Emirates are pulled off without large complicated because the use of this software that allows engineers and contractors to anticipate mistakes and problems that can be ironed out in advance. Many of the construction and engineering mistakes in history have stemmed from multiple working teams having different copies of the construction plans that are read, written, or translated differently. There are also cases of plans being changed after construction has begun yet not all teams receive the updated plans.

With the software that is widely used in the United Arab Emirates, the problem does not exist because the 4D software gives the planning teams a chance to see the finished product even before the construction teams break dirt. All adjustments are made well ahead of time with no information coming in late. As an additional benefit, not every team needs to have a separate copy of the plans in order to continue their work. It is possible to maintain a single master copy that each team can view as needed without the need for remote distribution. If there ever is a change to be made everyone gets that change immediately without a need for delivery.

All of this combines to spell a major advantage that contractors in the United Arab Emirates have over traditional construction planning. There is no waste, and there is no need to great additional work to fix mistakes. This allows Dubai to remain famous for its intricate, elaborate, and breathtaking designs without wasting money. Meeting much tighter deadlines and cost restrictions without fear.