5 Facts about The Pink Ceiling’s CEO

Cindy Whitehead (https://twitter.com/cindypinkceo) is a business owner and investor behind Addyi, a product to help improve female libido. When Addyi was finally approved by the FDA, Whitehead sold Sprout Pharmaceuticals to Valeant Pharmaceuticals for one billion dollars.

After selling Sprout Pharmaceuticals, Cindy on to create an investment company called The Pink Ceiling which mainly invests in companies and products that are focused around women. This company has helped fund startups that have trouble getting resources elsewhere. The Pink Ceiling helps with all customer service needs for the young companies and also helps with a step-by-step marketing strategy.

The first major investment made by The Pink Ceiling was a startup called Undercover Colors. This is a new nail polish product that can detect drugs in drinks. It is super helpful on dates where the women is not feeling safe or doesn’t fully trust the guy she is with. Date rape is a serious problem and there is not too much that has been done to help fight the problem. The product is still a work in progress, but Undercover Colors nail polish will change colors when coming into contact with harmful drugs.

The Pink Ceiling is constantly on the lookout for new products that will help solve very real problems women are facing.

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