5 Top DC Islamic Organizations that Help Distressed People

For many years now, Muslims from all walks of life across the United States of America have generously donated to charitable Islamic organization with the aim of extending a hand to those that need it. In this humble and humane quest, many organizations have sprung up to collectively be able to reach on a massive scale those who need their assistance the most.

In doing so, some of these organizations have encountered a lot of challenges from the law due to allegations or at times substantial proof that the money donated through them have found their way to terrorists. As a result of this rather tainting and horrible truth, some of these organizations have had to be closed, and the cause of this has been a massive donor withdrawal due to the money finding its way into the wrong hands.
Therefore, as a reference point below is a list of five reputable and highly legitimate Islamic charities that one can use to donate to

1. Mercy-USA for Aid and Development.

This organization began way back in the year 1986. It is a non-profit charitable organization dealing mostly with relief and developmental issues. The projects they undertake focuses on things such as trying to improve the health standards of those in need, promoting education, and economic development. This organization credibility is good as it partners with other organizations such as the United Nations and many others. As a result of this, the organization has a rating of 4- stars by Charity Navigator.

2. Life for Relief and Development

Formed in 1992 as a non-governmental organization by Iraqi-American professionals, this organization provides humanitarian aid to people that are in need in many countries such as; Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories and Sierra Leone. The organizations’ level of openness on how it does its work and relays the donations made to the right people has made the group receive a rating as a 4- charity by Charity Navigator.

3. Islamic Relief.

The Islamic Relief USA organization has its presence in 35 countries spread across the world making it an international development and relief organization. It has a 3-star rating by Charity Navigator and usually works through partnering with various other international aid agencies, local relief organizations as well as churches within the areas they work. Fawad Khan is a good example of the many celebrities that donate to this group.

4. Muslim Aid

This organization focuses on providing both emergency and long-term care to people that are suffering and in dire need of assistance. Their main aim is to provide sustainable development initiatives that aim to tackle poverty at its root level.

5. ICNA Relief USA
The Islamic Circle of North America is a humanitarian aid and development charity organization that rapidly responds to disaster emergencies at home and other places in the world. The group also goes out of its way to assist the needy in poor neighborhoods around North America.

For many years these Islamic charity organizations have guaranteed the money donated reaches those that are in dire need. This list will act as a pointer to which organizations to consider before donating, but as a reminder, please conduct thorough research on the organization you settle on to be sure enough.

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