A glance at Washington DC’s Executive Recruiters

Job hunting is not anyone’s cup of tea. It requires people to be constantly on their feet from one interview to another. The situation gets even worse if the job seeker is looking for an executive position. They move from one company to another and keep getting the same old response “we’ll call you” after each, yet they never get to hear from the interviewers again. Their once hopeful mindset gets burned to the ground. Fortunately, with the increasing growth of recruiters in DC, that is now a thing of the past. The most important thing to do is get your papers right and contact one, and in a few months, hopefully, you get hooked with that dream job. However, with the rising numbers of these recruiters, it may get tricky for a job seeker to know the genuine one. Most especially some of them are cons who only want to take advantage of the fact that the person looking for a job is desperate and willing to do anything to get one. To keep on the safe side, and make it easy for job hunters, here are a few executive recruiters in DC.

Types of executive recruiters

There are many types of executive recruiters in DC but are mainly categorized as two. They are classified according to their relationship with the company and also the charges. Below is an in-depth view.
Retained recruiters

These are on the top of the game and are mostly responsible for placing job seekers in senior positions such as those of CEO in a company. They are on a contract with the company to hire staff for a particular open position and paid an upfront fee to ensure that their dedication to finding the right candidate. The remaining amount of money is irrespective of whether they were able to find one. People who were hired through these kinds of executives include IBM chairman and many other famous people.

This type of recruiter does the same job as a retained one. The only difference is that they get their pay after finding the perfect person for the job. They are responsible for finding, screening and arranging interviews for the prospects. Most companies seek the services contingencies when they need to hire in large numbers, and their in-house recruiters cannot handle the task efficiently.
Some of the top executive recruiters in Washington DC

– Batallia Winston
– The Lucas Group
– JDG associates
– Y Scouts
– The McCormick Group
– Hire Strategy
Foster Thomas

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