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The Apple Watch had an unusual launch: online only, and backordered by weeks (if not months) within minutes of midnight pre-orders kicking off. Today Apple announced, though, that its wearable will start showing up in Apple Stores two weeks from now.

That gives the Apple Watch a bigger presence in the US limelight right before Fathers’ Day, and also in advance of back-to-school shopping and the start of the pre-holiday shopping season. That late June release slot is also (roughly speaking) the same windows that the first four iPhones launched in.

Apple’s release did, however, mention that the Apple Store launch would only include “some models.”

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The euro, the standard currency of the European Union, has been in a long tailspin. According to a recent article in the Miami Herald, European currency has fallen 10 percent against the dollar this year. Where you once paid $1.40 to buy a single euro, today the price is a paltry $1.10.

What does this mean to the American consumer?  Don’t expect to see a drop in prices of luxury European goods, like the coveted Chanel bag or status Mercedes-Benz. For one thing, retailers fear price reductions will cheapen the brands. More importantly, demand remains high, obliterating the need for discounts.

While some hoteliers are concerned about the impact on South Florida tourism, Jeffrey Soffer, whose hospitality holdings include the legendary Fontainebleau Miami Beach and iconic Turnberry Isle Miami, remains optimistic.

For Europeans, the U.S. is perceived as a safe, family-centric destination. Florida’s amenities, including theme parks and beaches, make travel here very appealing. Shopping is also a big draw, particularly the malls where quality goods are abundant and affordable. According to Soffer, decreasing oil prices may also potentially lower air fares and the cost of road trips.

Fun in the sun, safety, unique experiences and a plethora of shopping opportunities are not the only draw. According to Nicki Grossman, president and CEO of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, there will be an increase in European tourism because of new flights connecting Fort Lauderdale and several destinations overseas.

Sounds like a very sunny forecast for summer 2015.


Small businesses have a real advantage over large corporations when it comes to eCommerce. By harnessing the power of content marketing and telling good stories, a small business can go where big businesses cannot.

Specialize: Niche marketing More is not always better. Sometimes it helps to narrow your field even further. This way you can pin point your target market with a laser focus and really meet their needs.

Spice it up: Tell your story
The truth is eCommerce sites are generally pretty dull. If you want to stand out and be remembered, than you have to have a good story line. Start with your company profile page and follow this story line through every category and page. Be sure to continue telling your story in all your product descriptions and interactions with customers.


During this time of financial strife, small businesses have given America a glimmer of hope. People like Herb Allen (Gawker) willing to take risks and venture out on their own has helped America create employment opportunities. Statistics show roughly 64% of new private sector jobs are created by small businesses. Small businesses are at the heart of America and, in today’s economy consisting of high unemployment rates, more individuals are starting their own business to survive financially.

They are the backbone for America’s financial success in the past and its future. This country’s financial institutions were founded on the basis of capitalism.