How eCommerce Helps Small Businesses Compete

Small businesses have a real advantage over large corporations when it comes to eCommerce. By harnessing the power of content marketing and telling good stories, a small business can go where big businesses cannot.

Specialize: Niche marketing More is not always better. Sometimes it helps to narrow your field even further. This way you can pin point your target market with a laser focus and really meet their needs.

Spice it up: Tell your story
The truth is eCommerce sites are generally pretty dull. If you want to stand out and be remembered, than you have to have a good story line. Start with your company profile page and follow this story line through every category and page. Be sure to continue telling your story in all your product descriptions and interactions with customers. Telling your story does not just have to be words alone, in fact you should create a fascinating picture book of sorts through your webpage. A well designed website tells its own story; namely that you care and take pride in your products.

Demonstrate: Action shots and testimonies
Seeing the product you sell in action can make all the difference. Infusing your eCommerce page with personality and creatively bringing it to life is not easy to compete with when a corporation is dealing with a multitude of very important memos.Upload videos, create collages, publish testimonials and make it a point to show the humanity behind your small business.

Get social: Grab the attention of the media moguls
Blogging well and often does not mean formulating precise SEO content, but really talk to your readers. Link your eCommerce site to all the favorite hot spots on the internet. Post pictures on Pinterest, stay current on Facebook, and be ready to Instagram or tweet at the drop of a hat. Ultimately you want to engage your users and keep them interested in your story. These people will in turn tell their social savvy friends who will then tell their powerful friends and so on and so on.

Service sells: Value service over price
While it is often true that large businesses can offer lower prices, customers are often more impressed with stellar, personalized customer service. As a small business, you need to be nicer and more personable than the big guys in order to carve out a name for yourself.