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Humans have always been looking to the stars for the answers to life’s greatest questions. We’ve had dreams of leaving the planet behind and exploring the expanse of space at our leisure, but today’s technology makes space exploration a distinct possibility–we’ve already been to the moon, after all!

Before we explore the rest of the universe, humanity must first explore its own back yard. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is attempting to do just that with their up and coming UAE space mission aimed at learning more about the Red Planet. These five facts will tell the casual space-hobbyist all they need to know about these new and exciting times!

1. The UAE’s state of the art probe is named “Hope.” 
The Hope probe is an engineering feat: it’s the size of a small car and features enough solar panels to power a small army of laptops. The probe is equipped with a camera capable enough to take full-color, high-resolution photographs. It also has both infra-red and ultraviolet spectrometers, which will collect data which will help scientists on the project study Mar’s atmospheric changes and climate cycles.

2. The UAE is working directly with NASA on this groundbreaking project.
The United States’ NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) signed an umbrella agreement with the UAE that leaves opportunities for collaboration between the two organizations on future space exploration. NASA plans on sending humans to Mars sometime after 2030, and the data provided by the Hope probe is an important piece of the puzzle.

3. Hope is the first interplanetary spacecraft to be built by an Arab nation.
Hope represents a new scientific frontier for the UAE, who is a top country in the space industry. This project marks a new focus for the UAE, who wish to usher in a new age of peaceful collaboration with the goal of further establishing the space technology sector.

4. It launches in July of 2020 from the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan.
The trip to Mars will take approximately 200 days and Hope will be traveling a distance of more than 60 million kilometers. It will reach Mars in the first quarter of 2021–which is the 50th anniversary of the UAE’s founding. Perfect timing!

5. 1000 gigabytes of new information about Mars will be gathered and transmitted back to earth in the span of two years.
The information gathered by the UAC will be important for the entirety of the space technology sector, whether it’s studying why Mars’ atmosphere is disappearing into space or cementing the space technology sector’s new place as the fastest growing industry on the planet.

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Companies in Washington DC decides to hire Nels Olson
because they are officially out of time to hire executives on their own. There are quite a few businesses in Washington DC that are far too busy to hire their own people, but they may spend their time working with a recruiter who is helpful in the process. This article explains what a recruiter will do for the client, and there is an overview of what clients will feel like when the head hunter is hired.

#1: Companies Decide To Hire Head Hunters To Save Time

Large corporations have several other items to discuss in their board meetings, and their companies are not flush with time to use on interviews. Head hunters such as Robert Half spend their time completing interviews on behalf of the client, and a company such as Robert Half has placed quite a few executives in the area. The interviews and hiring are completed quickly, and executive recruiters include other companies such as Lucas Group and Tangent Corporation.

#2: Head Hunters Offer Extra Services

Head hunters in Washington offer executive strategy services that are effectively on-call every day. A large corporation may find itself in the midst of a crisis, and the crisis will necessitate an executive action plan. The executive action plan will be used to find a replacement for the departed executives, and the plan will be executed by the head hunter as opposed to the corporation.

#3: Head Hunters Are Constantly Working?

Head hunters have the most current information on recruits in the city. Every recruit who has met with a head hunter will be called when a job is open, and a laundry list of people may be called in for a new position. New positions are open all the time, and an executive who is familiar with the hiring process may choose to move from one company to another. Washington is a large town, and there are several executives to choose from.

People head hunters are careful to offer services to their clients that select proper executives, enforce executive action and keep the corporation on the right path. The board of directors of any corporation need not waste their time with interviews when they are in need of a new executive suite member. The interviews are completed by the head hunter, and the head hunter provides needed information on each candidate.


If you have ever visited a shopping mall, you have more than likely shopped with Westfield. Westfield Corporation is a world leader in shopping center management. The company manages more than 30 malls and over 6,400 retail outlets. Since its launch, Westfield has enjoyed a significant amount of financial success and its malls and retailers have appreciated consistent traffic. With the ever increasing use of technology, online shopping is becoming a trend, and trips to the mall are becoming less frequent. Co-CEO of Westfield Corporation Steven Lowy says that while at first the increase of online shopping and the ever increasing availability of online retailers was initially seen as a threat to the existence of malls, the corporation now believes that technology can be used to enhance the shopping experience.

His brother, and fellow CEO, Peter Lowy believes that just as everything else adapts and changes with time, Westfield was due for a few improvements after 57 years as well. This is coming from a member of the company who was debating leaving the family business a few years ago.

When the corporation was founded it was to help make retail spaces more affordable for business owners. Because the price of a space and lot are rather expensive, retailers began to lease spaces in one shopping community, nearly cutting the price of renting or leasing in half. He believes that this same collective mindset can help create platform for a more innovative and tech savvy shopping experience with Westfield.

The company made a recent investment in the future of Westfield shopping centers in an attempt to stay current with today’s use of technology. Westfield Corporation was proud to introduce the new “Westfield Cloud” which he says the company invested thousands in for a step toward a more innovative shopping experience. The cloud was created with the belief that user data can help optimize the in store retail shopping experience, making it more personal and efficient. By paring aspects of the digital and physical shopping experience Lowy believes that retailers will be able to deliver a more personable shopping experience and better connect with their customers. This experience will in turn produce happier, more loyal customers who won’t mind the commute to the mall over the convenience of online shopping.

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Google showed off its master plan for a future built around artificial intelligence in May at the Google I/O conference. At the conference, CEO Sundar Pichai introduced a virtual helper that aims to make its search technology even more useful for you.

It’s a grand plan — in an interview in May, Pichai called it a “broad journey” — but we’ll have to wait a while longer until it comes into focus. Consumers won’t be able to even try out the Google assistant until the fall. That’s when the company will make available the first gadgets to have AI built-in: Google Home, a device like Amazon’s Echo speaker and smart home hub, and Allo, a messaging app.

“We are building the engine that will drive our future,” Pichai said Thursday on a conference call. “We are at a pivotal and transformational moment.”

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Washington, D.C. isn’t only the United States’ capital city. It’s also a large and bustling metropolis that’s full of diverse businesses. People who are searching for executive recruiters anywhere in the region, however, don’t have to be concerned. Although the options in executive recruiters in Washington, D.C. are extensive and diverse, there are numerous particularly talented and noteworthy professionals to consider. There’s definitely no shortage of shining recruitment talents working in D.C. these days.

Angela Goehl works as a senior associate at JDG Associates Ltd. This recruitment firm is located in Rockville, Maryland, which is a well-known D.C. suburb. Goehl is equipped with extensive knowledge that pertains to nonprofit management, government affairs and fundraising. She also has significant experience in recruiting established executives who work in the private sector, federal government and beyond.

The McCormick Group is a well-known executive search consulting agency. Its DC branch is in Arlington, Virginia, which is part of the city’s metropolitan area. Allen Ashforth works as a senior consultant for the firm. He has offered his recruitment expertise to executives who specialize in the land development field. Ashforth regularly recruits professionals who are searching for jobs in project management. He has done so for commercial and residential construction companies alike.

ESGI Executive Search Consultants is an esteemed company that focuses on retained executive searches. The professionals who work for ESGI concentrate on senior level executives. They regularly work with businesses that create services and products that are geared toward local, state and federal government entities. Evan Scott serves as the president of ESGI Executive Search Consultants. Michael P. Humenik, on the other hand, serves as the firm’s principal. Scott has been a big part of the executive search world for close to 30 years now. Humenik has extensive knowledge that pertains to vital subjects such as executive assessment and organizational development.

These executive recruiters are a sampling of the best and the brightest in the entire Washington, D.C. region. People who are looking for the most seasoned, knowledgeable and capable executive recruiters in the area can count on Nels Olson to come through with solid work. Examples of other highly regarded executive search companies that are located in and around Washington D.C. include Lucas Group, Reaction Search International Inc., Travaille Executive Search, Robert Half Executive Search, Battalia Winston Corporation and Spencer Stuart. Some of these companies are located in the heart of D.C. Others are in nearby suburbs.


When an organization is experiencing growth or changes that require new executive talent and expertise, Nels Olson’s headhunters can be a tremendous aid in the search to find the right person for the job. Washington, D.C. is home to some of the largest and most influential companies and organizations in the world. For this reason, the search for executive talent in D.C. can be a competitive and daunting process. If you make the wrong selection it could deal a very costly blow to your organization and drain essential resources.

Hiring a new executive is too important of a decision to take lightly. A headhunter will provide an exhaustive search and thorough vetting of candidates to select the best possible individual with the necessary attributes for the position. A good recruiter will take a lot of the legwork upon themselves while working closely with the client to fulfill the position. Fortunately, for those in need of an executive for a D.C. firm there are excellent local headhunters that have built a reputation for delivering great results.

One such firm is Boyden. Boyden has been involved in executive search for D.C. organizations since 1978. Boyden made its name in relation to Federal government, Federal contracting, and public affairs hiring. It has since become one of the most respected firms in executive search for the private sector as well. Boyden specializes in hiring senior level personnel in finance, human resources, IT security, legal, risk management, and government affairs. Boyden’s reputation for transparency in its search methodologies makes it among the trusted names in the field.

Russell Reynolds Associates is a D.C. headhunter service that earned respect through its well-connected network of consultants who work closely with firms during an executive search. They strive to be as specific as possible when addressing the needs of their clients and take a hands-on approach to tailoring the process accordingly. Russell Reynolds uses a propriety system for assessing talent based on interviews, questionnaires, references, and market needs.


From PC Magazine:

Vivint is connecting its Sky smart home platform to the Amazon Echo, allowing customers to chat with the cloud-based Alexa.

Had a long day at the office? Simply say, “Alexa, tell Vivint I’m going to bed,” and the system will automatically turn off the lights, lock the doors, arm the security system, and turn down the thermostat.

“People have been dreaming of being able to say things to their house and have it obey for decades,” Charlie Kindel, director of Amazon Echo and Alexa, said in a statement. “Now that’s possible with Echo—just ask Alexa to turn up the heat, lock the doors, and more.”

Using Amazon Echo$179.99 at Amazon, you can find out whether doors are locked and the security system is enabled, turn on and dim the lights, and ask whether the garage door is shut. Connect the Echo to Vivint via the Alexa mobile app, then take control of your home using your voice, the SkyControl home panel, or Vivint’s app.

The smart home company also announced integration with the Nest Learning Thermostat, giving users even more ways to control the temperature. Current Nest owners can integrate with a Vivint smart home today; the thermostat will also be available nationwide as part of all Vivint Smart Home packages beginning this spring.

“We deliver a seamless integrated smart home, where the homeowner’s thermostat, door locks, video cameras, and security system all work together to make everyday life easier,” Vivint Chief Technology Officer Jeremy Warren said.

Read the full story here.

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When a high level executive position becomes vacant, it is vitally important that they are not only replaced as soon as possible, but by a highly qualified individual that possesses the skills and knowledge to be able to fit into the position smoothly. This is easier said than done, which is why the job of a recruiter such as Nels Olson is so important to just about all major companies, especially in big time business and political centers, such as Washington D.C. A recruiter’s job is essentially to go out and find people that have the qualifications to fit into a position that has opened up, interview a host of people, and ultimately select an individual for the job. Head hunting firms such as JDG associates in Washington specialize in this aspect and routinely search for replacement executives for all sorts of companies. Some other well-known firms include Lucas Group, The McCormick Group, and Reaction Search International, who all do excellent work in an area that holds some of the biggest businesses and political firms in the country.

Most recruiters in larger cities have a developed network of people who work in the area in high ranking positions. People change jobs all the time, but when a person leaves a job that is way up the latter, it is much more difficult to find a person that can successfully take over the job. Perhaps the biggest task in finding a replacement, is finding an individual who not only understands how to manage a great deal of people and has had a good amount of experience, but finding a person that has the same sort of stylistic approach to their position. The way that decisions are made by an individual who has power in a company can ultimately shape the entire way that the company is run. If that person happens to leave and a person takes over the position that has a radically different approach, the entire business could become compromised.

There is a high propensity if this were to happen that business partners, clients, and workers may become unhappy for whatever reason, resulting in a decline in the productivity of the company. It is because of this that it is so important to have competent recruiters who know how to go out and find a great replacement for such a position. Although not too many people think about the hiring process of such individuals, the reality is that they hold a huge hand in whether a company is successful or not. If they happen to find a great decision when it comes to the person they hire for an executive position, the company likely has a great shot to continue to prosper, but it they make a wrong hiring decision, the company can literally crumble.


In competitive job markets, individuals who want the best chance of finding employment need to use the services of head hunters like Nels Olson. These job-placement professionals have numerous connections that can be within a variety of fields or specialize in one industry. They use their knowledge of local companies and their needs to match them up with available, qualified candidates that are looking for a specific position. Many people, even those who use this type of service, may not realize exactly how headhunters work. While it is not necessarily going to help someone to find work, knowing more about the people that are so closely involved in a job search is never a bad idea.

How the job is done can vary greatly from one company to the next. In general, one of the most important qualities of a headhunter is their ability to network. Many will have spent time working in the industries they now place others. This aids them in knowing how to make contacts and develop professional relationships with people who are in a position to make hiring decisions. This could be a company CEO or an HR director. They also use these contacts to meet additional people in the industry to help expand their database of companies they work with.

When an exceptional candidate approaches them seeking a specific type of work, they may begin cold-calling the people they know to learn who is hiring or may be hiring in the near future. These calls may include learning specifics about what the company is looking for, making it easier for them to “sell” their candidate when the time is right.

If an important client is looking for the perfect candidate, but the headhunter has none currently available, they may use social media sites, research local organizations and speak to people within the same industry to learn the names of professionals who stand out in the field. If a talented person is discovered in this search, they may contact the candidate personally and attempt to recruit them for their client.

There is no one single way that headhunters do what they do. Individuals come from numerous career fields to become headhunters, and each runs their companies in the manner that works best for them. Often for job seekers, it is not about applying with the best agency in town, but with the one that works best with them.


Those who have reserved and are waiting for a Tesla Model X can pass the time with a new car customization dashboard.

As reported by Bloomberg, Signature reservation holders last night were allowed to start picking things like color, wheel size, and whether they wanted to spend an extra $10,000 on the Ludicrous Speed Upgrade

Tesla did not immediately respond to PCMag’s request for comment.

Tesla unveiled a prototype of the Model X, its third battery-powered vehicle, in early 2012, a crossover featuring “falcon wing” rear doors, three rows of seats, and ample storage space.

Described as a blending of SUV and minivan, the ModelF40 X requires a $5,000 down payment to reserve online. Those who have already ordered should get the vehicle this year, but new reservations will be filled in early 2016. The base price for the limited-edition Signature series is $132,000, before a federal tax credit and state or local incentives.

As Bloomberg reported, the Model X Signature edition sports a 90 kilowatt-per-hour battery and an estimated range of 240 miles per charge; it is compatible with Tesla’s expanding public Supercharger network.

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