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When a high level executive position becomes vacant, it is vitally important that they are not only replaced as soon as possible, but by a highly qualified individual that possesses the skills and knowledge to be able to fit into the position smoothly. This is easier said than done, which is why the job of a recruiter such as Nels Olson is so important to just about all major companies, especially in big time business and political centers, such as Washington D.C. A recruiter’s job is essentially to go out and find people that have the qualifications to fit into a position that has opened up, interview a host of people, and ultimately select an individual for the job. Head hunting firms such as JDG associates in Washington specialize in this aspect and routinely search for replacement executives for all sorts of companies. Some other well-known firms include Lucas Group, The McCormick Group, and Reaction Search International, who all do excellent work in an area that holds some of the biggest businesses and political firms in the country.

Most recruiters in larger cities have a developed network of people who work in the area in high ranking positions. People change jobs all the time, but when a person leaves a job that is way up the latter, it is much more difficult to find a person that can successfully take over the job. Perhaps the biggest task in finding a replacement, is finding an individual who not only understands how to manage a great deal of people and has had a good amount of experience, but finding a person that has the same sort of stylistic approach to their position. The way that decisions are made by an individual who has power in a company can ultimately shape the entire way that the company is run. If that person happens to leave and a person takes over the position that has a radically different approach, the entire business could become compromised.

There is a high propensity if this were to happen that business partners, clients, and workers may become unhappy for whatever reason, resulting in a decline in the productivity of the company. It is because of this that it is so important to have competent recruiters who know how to go out and find a great replacement for such a position. Although not too many people think about the hiring process of such individuals, the reality is that they hold a huge hand in whether a company is successful or not. If they happen to find a great decision when it comes to the person they hire for an executive position, the company likely has a great shot to continue to prosper, but it they make a wrong hiring decision, the company can literally crumble.


In competitive job markets, individuals who want the best chance of finding employment need to use the services of head hunters like Nels Olson. These job-placement professionals have numerous connections that can be within a variety of fields or specialize in one industry. They use their knowledge of local companies and their needs to match them up with available, qualified candidates that are looking for a specific position. Many people, even those who use this type of service, may not realize exactly how headhunters work. While it is not necessarily going to help someone to find work, knowing more about the people that are so closely involved in a job search is never a bad idea.

How the job is done can vary greatly from one company to the next. In general, one of the most important qualities of a headhunter is their ability to network. Many will have spent time working in the industries they now place others. This aids them in knowing how to make contacts and develop professional relationships with people who are in a position to make hiring decisions. This could be a company CEO or an HR director. They also use these contacts to meet additional people in the industry to help expand their database of companies they work with.

When an exceptional candidate approaches them seeking a specific type of work, they may begin cold-calling the people they know to learn who is hiring or may be hiring in the near future. These calls may include learning specifics about what the company is looking for, making it easier for them to “sell” their candidate when the time is right.

If an important client is looking for the perfect candidate, but the headhunter has none currently available, they may use social media sites, research local organizations and speak to people within the same industry to learn the names of professionals who stand out in the field. If a talented person is discovered in this search, they may contact the candidate personally and attempt to recruit them for their client.

There is no one single way that headhunters do what they do. Individuals come from numerous career fields to become headhunters, and each runs their companies in the manner that works best for them. Often for job seekers, it is not about applying with the best agency in town, but with the one that works best with them.


Those who have reserved and are waiting for a Tesla Model X can pass the time with a new car customization dashboard.

As reported by Bloomberg, Signature reservation holders last night were allowed to start picking things like color, wheel size, and whether they wanted to spend an extra $10,000 on the Ludicrous Speed Upgrade

Tesla did not immediately respond to PCMag’s request for comment.

Tesla unveiled a prototype of the Model X, its third battery-powered vehicle, in early 2012, a crossover featuring “falcon wing” rear doors, three rows of seats, and ample storage space.

Described as a blending of SUV and minivan, the ModelF40 X requires a $5,000 down payment to reserve online. Those who have already ordered should get the vehicle this year, but new reservations will be filled in early 2016. The base price for the limited-edition Signature series is $132,000, before a federal tax credit and state or local incentives.

As Bloomberg reported, the Model X Signature edition sports a 90 kilowatt-per-hour battery and an estimated range of 240 miles per charge; it is compatible with Tesla’s expanding public Supercharger network.

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Recruiters who are tasked with finding leaders to fill positions need to use techniques that are unique to the type of person being sought. This article is to help the recruiter understand how to recruit a true leader.

First, Recruiters must understand that leaders likely are not looking for a new position. Leaders also may or may not be found with formal job titles involving leadership. After all, a leader has certain qualities and behaviors which come to the surface even when that leader is “just another team member.” These qualities are such that leaders are looked upon with great favor not necessarily by their superiors, but by their co-workers and those whom they may be supervising. The leader becomes known as someone who can be trusted, who builds up his team members or those under him and who is more than willing to share credit among others and shoulders more than his share of blame.

The leader is usually competent in their field but is not necessarily one with the greatest skills for the type of work his team does. However, the true leader and his team are usually more successful than teams who lack such a leader, even teams that have better skills. The leader is identified by how others refer to him or her. A leader is often described as someone that everyone else will follow anywhere. Once a leader is identified, the really hard part begins.

Remember, leaders have become such by showing loyalty to those above, beside and below them. This type of loyalty is so ingrained in the leader that to leave the team for any reason is considered an act of betrayal. This requires a unique approach to recruit the leader.

The worst mistake a recruiter can make is to emphasize the advantage to the leader of making the change. This only serves to build resistance to becoming a traitor to his or her coworkers. The best approach is to emphasize that it is time for the leader to make room for another on his team to become a leader. They should be told and persuaded that staying on will be smothering others’ chances to shine. By taking this approach, the leader, by leaving his team, is actually helping them as a true leader does. This makes a successful recruitment.


U.S. private employers maintained a solid pace of hiring in August despite recent global financial market turmoil, suggesting that labor market momentum likely remains strong enough for the Federal Reserve to consider an interest rate hike this year.

The ADP National Employment Report on Wednesday showed private payrolls increased 190,000 last month. While that was below economists’ expectations for a gain of 201,000 jobs, it was a step-up from the 177,000 positions created in July.

“Job growth remains strong and broad-based, except in the energy industry, which continues to shed jobs,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

The ADP report, which is jointly developed with Moody’s Analytics, was published ahead of the government’s more comprehensive employment report to be released on Friday.

According to a Reuters survey of economists, nonfarm payrolls likely increased by 220,000 jobs in August after rising 215,000 in July. There is, however, a risk of a weaker number as the first print of August payrolls has tended to be weaker in the last several years before being revised higher.

But some economists were encouraged by the ADP report, which showed job gains in all sectors, except in the energy industry.

“ADP does not show the same initial under-reporting bias in the initial release of the August data as payroll data from the (government) appear to display,” said John Ryding, chief economist at RDQ Economics in New York.

“This apparent consistent trend in ADP payroll gains would reassure us that the trend in employment was little changed in August in the event that payroll growth drops noticeably below 200,000 in Friday’s report.”

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Replacing a CEO is no laughing matter, as it can costs tens of millions of dollars, sometimes fractions of a billion dollars if the firm is large enough. The reality is, replacing a CEO not only takes a very long time and can be a risky endeavor, the current statistics are that over an eighteen month period, it usually costs between 12 and 52 million dollars to replace a CEO. However, keep in mind that these figures are paralleled with how large the company is, so the figures are not that outlandish when you consider that you could be talking about one of the biggest companies in the country.
Picking a CEO is particularly difficult, as you are going to have to find someone that perfectly fits into the puzzle that has been built prior. A company starts to build a brand and has a certain way that they do business and as a result, the people that they do business with get a feel for them and build a relationship with them based on these tendencies. Companies do not do well when they bring in a CEO that has very different ideals, or operates in a completely foreign manner. The easiest way to be successful is by finding a CEO that is as similar as possible to the previous CEO, although there are a handful of things that you should also consider doing as a result.

You should also consider the flaws that the previous company CEO had and you should look for a candidate that does not possess these traits. By doing this, you can effectively eliminate some pitfalls that may have been dragging the company down in the past, while still looking for someone that possesses the positive attributes that have helped the company along the way. Because of this detailed process, as with the importance of the position, is why it can take so long and cost so much money. However, it is absolutely worth it to spend the time and money, as the business is likely to fail if you can’t find the perfect candidate for the job. Major hubs of business and politics, such as Washington DC, have a higher propensity for churning out individuals who are highly fitted for being CEO’s. Often time’s companies will head to the area of DC to search for a CEO that can run their company and often time’s they are successful in their pursuit, due to the high qualifications that people generally possess in the area.


Home to three of the world’s most visited cruise ports, Florida welcomes more cruise passengers than any other state in the nation, according to independent research institute Florida TaxWatch.

A new economic report from the non-profit group indicates the state’s cruise industry will continue to grow, which bodes well for Turnberry Associates’ numerous South Florida destinations. The development company, led by Chairman & CEO Jeffrey Soffer (, includes Aventura Mall, Turnberry Isle Miami and Fontainebleau Miami Beach, all favorites of those visiting the region to embark on a cruise.

According to SunSentinel, more than 9 million cruise passengers who sailed through state seaports in 2013 generated $7.3 billion in direct spending. The growth of cruising helped create 140,408 jobs statewide.

“Florida’s growing cruise industry is another great way to attract visitors to Florida, which helps to keep the tax burden low for our state’s residents,” said Florida TaxWatch President and CEO Dominic M. Calabro in a statement.


The Apple Watch had an unusual launch: online only, and backordered by weeks (if not months) within minutes of midnight pre-orders kicking off. Today Apple announced, though, that its wearable will start showing up in Apple Stores two weeks from now.

That gives the Apple Watch a bigger presence in the US limelight right before Fathers’ Day, and also in advance of back-to-school shopping and the start of the pre-holiday shopping season. That late June release slot is also (roughly speaking) the same windows that the first four iPhones launched in.

Apple’s release did, however, mention that the Apple Store launch would only include “some models.”

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The euro, the standard currency of the European Union, has been in a long tailspin. According to a recent article in the Miami Herald, European currency has fallen 10 percent against the dollar this year. Where you once paid $1.40 to buy a single euro, today the price is a paltry $1.10.

What does this mean to the American consumer?  Don’t expect to see a drop in prices of luxury European goods, like the coveted Chanel bag or status Mercedes-Benz. For one thing, retailers fear price reductions will cheapen the brands. More importantly, demand remains high, obliterating the need for discounts.

While some hoteliers are concerned about the impact on South Florida tourism, Jeffrey Soffer, whose hospitality holdings include the legendary Fontainebleau Miami Beach and iconic Turnberry Isle Miami, remains optimistic.

For Europeans, the U.S. is perceived as a safe, family-centric destination. Florida’s amenities, including theme parks and beaches, make travel here very appealing. Shopping is also a big draw, particularly the malls where quality goods are abundant and affordable. According to Soffer, decreasing oil prices may also potentially lower air fares and the cost of road trips.

Fun in the sun, safety, unique experiences and a plethora of shopping opportunities are not the only draw. According to Nicki Grossman, president and CEO of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, there will be an increase in European tourism because of new flights connecting Fort Lauderdale and several destinations overseas.

Sounds like a very sunny forecast for summer 2015.


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