The UAE Economy Is Looking Bright for 2018

The UAE Economy
Professionals in the Middle East and the UAE can expect an increase in jobs for individuals with high skills, experience and the right qualifications in specific industries. Additional advantages are IT skills and speaking Arabic. The opportunities for selected fields are expected to grow during 2018 due to the improvement in the economy. This includes the sectors of financial and banking services, finance, accounting, sales, legal and information technology.

The Qualifications
Candidates with specific qualifications will have an increased chance of securing one of these positions. This includes experts in mergers and acquisitions, enterprise resource planning, accounting, and taxation. The emphasis is being placed on nationalization program. There are also opportunities for Saudis and Emirates who understand the operations of local businesses and have worked overseas. Despite the challenges of 2017, there is cautious optimism due to the expectations of lucrative positions in 2018 for skilled professionals.

The Financial Sector
Financial and accounting professionals will find opportunities for mid-level and junior roles through numerous sectors. Qualified accountants and tax specialists with ERP knowledge are expected to be in high demand along with individuals fluent in Arabic. The firms interested in these candidates are in the manufacturing, real estate, and construction industries. There is also a potential for the retail, gas and oil sectors.

The Technology Sector
The outlook is good for candidates in the field of information technology. This is partly due to the preparations being made by Dubai for the 2020 World Expo they are hosting. A digital transformation is being encouraged for all organizations. IT is being regarded as an integral part of the world of business. IT has significant value and the demand for technology professionals is high because the region is embracing technology. In addition to the 2020 Expo there are also upcoming infrastructure and digital transformation projects.

The Legal Sector
Legal professionals will see more opportunities. This is especially true for the larger organizations. It is important to note some of the candidates with the highest qualifications may face the temptation to leave the region. This is because of the relatively stagnant salaries, the introduction of VAT and the flat economy. This will elevate the demand for the top professionals for the Magic Circle firms.

The Marketing and Sales Sector
Retail and marketing professionals have a positive outlook for 2018. The industry was bullish in 2017 but the industry is seeking an expansion of the workforce as the UAE economy improves.

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