United Arab Emirates: A Leader in Innovative Construction

Often times when we hear the term “innovation” we think of someone finding a slightly better way to do something we have been doing for a long time already. Construction in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is not an exception to that. The city of Dubai is famous due in part to its world-renowned for its construction of mega-projects and helping to fuel the UAE’s economy while also working with the United States.

The construction that occurs in Dubai is not innovative because it’s something others cannot build. The innovation comes from their use of 4D planning software that allows enhanced planning and collaboration between and within the construction teams. The ambitious construction projects of the United Arab Emirates are pulled off without large complicated because the use of this software that allows engineers and contractors to anticipate mistakes and problems that can be ironed out in advance. Many of the construction and engineering mistakes in history have stemmed from multiple working teams having different copies of the construction plans that are read, written, or translated differently. There are also cases of plans being changed after construction has begun yet not all teams receive the updated plans.

With the software that is widely used in the United Arab Emirates, the problem does not exist because the 4D software gives the planning teams a chance to see the finished product even before the construction teams break dirt. All adjustments are made well ahead of time with no information coming in late. As an additional benefit, not every team needs to have a separate copy of the plans in order to continue their work. It is possible to maintain a single master copy that each team can view as needed without the need for remote distribution. If there ever is a change to be made everyone gets that change immediately without a need for delivery.

All of this combines to spell a major advantage that contractors in the United Arab Emirates have over traditional construction planning. There is no waste, and there is no need to great additional work to fix mistakes. This allows Dubai to remain famous for its intricate, elaborate, and breathtaking designs without wasting money. Meeting much tighter deadlines and cost restrictions without fear.

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