Want a Private Jet for Less? Read This

The thought of private flying is dreading as it sounds expensive which interestingly is not the case, especially with the existence of services that offer charter jets, like Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter. New York being a busy city has a demand for charter jets considering that people avoid long waits and crowded airports. In that case, they make arrangements with their services that offer charter jets before traveling to avoid last minute rush and disappointments. The fact that these services offer their clients options of where they get to land makes it easy for the clients to choose from a variety of companies.

Additionally, clients get offered assurance to their clients that they will get to their destinations on time and through their terminals of choice. In New York City, clients have a variety to choose from, and the most requested flights from and to the city include, private jets to Miami, charter flights to the Hamptons and Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Additionally, there are those who request for executive air charter service from New York to the Bahamas, and that is evidence that these services exist and are efficient and satisfactory to the clients. Surprisingly, taking a private jet could be more affordable than anyone could think as jet companies could as well give their clients affordable offers.

According to research by Virtuoso, the average price for a private flight dropped by 13% from the year 2014 to 2016, which could be the reason for the demand in chartering jets in New York City. In that case, it has become normal for people to charter or share jets because it has proven to be cheap and affordable. The Chartered jets could be identified by being private jets or shared jet rental services. With private jets, clients get to use them privately, and for shared jet rental services, clients can share if at all they have the same destiny and agree with the outlined rules and regulations. Some of the famous jet charter services in New York City include the Charter Flight Group, Jetsuite, Blade, and Jetsmarter. All of these companies offer reasonable prices for charter jets mostly for groups of travelers headed to a similar location. Some of the famous people that charter or share jets include Beyonce a renowned pop star, Rita Ora, Justin Beiber, Chris Brown and Tom Cruise who is an actor as well as Tiger Woods. Considering their nature of work, they are required to keep time and therefore need a reliable and valid means of transport.

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